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full house

do you know full house

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  • 1983-1989
  • 1987-1995
  • 1993-1999
  • 1987-1997

  • by a drunk driver
  • poisning
  • natural causes
  • cancer

  • the dad and dirtyiest person in the house
  • an uncle of the girls
  • a friend of the girls dad
  • the girls dad and the family neat freak

  • middle child
  • youngest sister
  • the oldest daughter
  • a cousin of stephanie and michelle

  • michelle stephanie dj
  • stephanie dj michelle
  • dj michelle stephanie
  • dj,stephanie,michelle

  • diana james
  • dana joe
  • donna joe
  • donna jaime

  • doing what wasn't supposed to
  • joey left her in the car and she thought the R meant radio not reverse
  • she was mad
  • i don't know

  • she breaks the t.v.
  • she jumps in the leaves
  • she breaks the window
  • she swims inside the house

  • she calls joey
  • she thinks it is dj but it is dad with larengitis
  • she calls dj
  • she calls her uncle

  • nothing
  • makes up another rumor about gia
  • gets in a fight and wins
  • puts up her horrible report card grades

  • she drinks a poison
  • her leg gets broke
  • nothing
  • an experiment goes wrong and her nose is broken

  • jesse and dj gets married unknown of what happened
  • pappoli dies
  • pappoli has a stroke
  • grandma died

  • dj trys to get fit for a swimsuit
  • kimi drives herself anorexic
  • dj has to undergo a sugery
  • nothing

  • she dies
  • she gets a sugery
  • she gets diqulified
  • she falls of the horse and forgets evertyhing

  • they are born on stephanies birthday
  • born on jessie's b-day
  • they are born on michelle's b-day
  • they are born on danny's b-day

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