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About This Site

The site opened to the public August 29, 2006 with about 3,000 quizzes, mostly about music. The main areas are music, movies, and television There's a fourth miscellaneous section for anything that doesn't fall into the first four categories.

This site grew out of the small collection of quizzes I had on amiright, which in turn were inspired by the number of quizzes people had created at Since amiright was meant to be more of a music and humour site, I felt the quizzes really deserved a seperate site that would allow me to branch out and do more than music.

I decided early on to abandon support for obsolete browsers and super small monitor sizes. This allows for cool stuff like a hangman game where you can't see the answer (stored on the server) and drag and drop capabilities without using Flash.

Design Sources

Web design and layout
Stylesheet and layout is based on the BlueHaze template from OSD
Matching Quizzes
Drag & Drop quiz capabilities are possible thanks to a modified script.
Sorting Quizzes
Sorting quiz capabilities are possible thanks to scripts.
Font Size Switcher
Different font sizes are courtesy of A List Apart's StyleSwitcher script.
Logo design
I came up with the logo design by myself (with a little input from my wife Susan as well!). Here's a scan of my scratch pad from when I was coming up with ideas for the logo.

Quiz Statistics

The first number is the amount of quizzes for that section, followed by the name and then the average number of quizzes taken in that section each day.

Television Quiz Stats
(156) Pick The TV Show With The Most Episodes Quizzes - 2
(79) Which TV Show Debuted First Quizzes - 2
(157) TV Show Year Order Quizzes - 2
(1091) Television Show Title Hangman - 37
(50) TV Show Quotes Quizzes - 7
(140) Match TV Show With Number of Episodes Quizzes - 1
(46) Which Network a TV Show Appeared On - 2
(113) Match TV Show with the Actor Quizzes - 19
(1114) User Submitted Television Quizzes - 46
(141) Pick Who Played a TV Show Character Quizzes - 9
Music Quiz Stats
(448) Which Song Came First Music Quizzes - 6
(229) Album Cover Sorting - 10
(421) Song Year Order Matching Quizzes - 12
(503) Match Song to a Band Quiz - 137
(2254) User Submitted Music Quizzes - 109
(90) Band Origins Quizze - 5
(953) Band Name Hangman - 66
(829) Album Discography Matching - 10
Movies Quiz Stats
(567) Movie Title Hangman - 51
(352) Movie Quotes Quizzes - 14
(480) Which Movie is Older Quizzes - 2
(919) Put the Movies in Order Quizzes - 2
(826) Pick Who Played a Movie Character Quizzes - 13
(944) Match Movie With the Actor Quizzes - 43
(87) Who Directed a Movie Quizzes - 4
(1372) User Submitted Movie Quizzes - 61
Misc Quiz Stats
(2121) User Submitted Misc Quizzes - 66
(144) Video Arcade Name Hangman - 3

Total Quiz Stats

(16,626) Average number of quizzes taken each day (sitewide) - 741