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Tyler Perry's House of Payne

The study of House of Payne in action Season 5

Quiz created by: Ravenne Reid

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  • China and Larramie
  • Tyler and Zachery
  • Hayden and Jayden
  • Kelly and Carlton

  • Figure out Algebra
  • Hustle other people
  • Cut/Trim hair
  • Build a Birdhouse

  • Calvin Has a low-sperm count
  • Calvin and Miranda are seperated
  • They're waiting for the right time
  • Miscarraiges run in Miranda's family

  • The Hernendezs
  • The Davidsons
  • The Jamiesons
  • The Sheltons

  • Ginger Pink
  • Macy's
  • Marshalls
  • JC Penney's

  • Jordan
  • Nikki
  • Asia
  • Alexandra

  • He had a son with another woman
  • He kissed Mercedes
  • He said bad language to Miranda
  • He kissed Tracy

  • He cheated on Ella
  • He said bad language to Ella
  • He kissed another woman
  • He called up Ella's job and told them she quit

  • He ran away
  • If he did he would have to repeat the sophomore year again
  • If he did he would have repeat the freshman year again
  • He didn't want to

  • They lost their house in a bet
  • The twins had an infectious disease
  • The foundation in their house was broken
  • Their house was to small

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