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So You think You Know Sponge Bob

If you can guess all these right then you got the 411 on Mister S.B Squarepants.

Quiz created by: Shanopolis

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  • Kevin of the Jelly spotters
  • Larry the Life Gaurd
  • Patrick Star
  • Patrick Pink Pants

  • World Wide Square Pants
  • The Goofy Goober Club
  • The Kitty Karate Club
  • Fry Cook Brotheren Bikini Bottom Chapter

  • Smitty Vonjagermenjenson and the Hash Slingging Slasher
  • Mermaid Man and Barnical Boy
  • Bubble Buddy and the Alaskan Bull Worm
  • King Triton and the Gulf Streamers

  • Sheldon Plankton will never retire
  • Pants for sire
  • Your pineapples on fire
  • Plants for hire

  • Mystery
  • Waiter
  • Sweet Sweet Victory
  • Horsey

  • Barnical fever
  • SpongaMaSquareTitus
  • Low Tide Sickness
  • The suds

  • Mr. Squidward Tenticals
  • His Grandmother
  • Ms. Sandy Cheeks
  • Pearl Krabbs

  • Sponge Bobs boatmate at boating school.
  • Sponge Bob's pet snail.
  • Sponge Bobs Bubble supply store friend.
  • Sponge Bobs friend that moved away from Bikini Bottom

  • Hall Moniter
  • Officer Ocean
  • Special Student Sponge
  • Privet Good Noodle

  • Go get em, you tiger shark.
  • When in doubt pinky out.
  • Don't touch that squrrils nuts.
  • Sophistication, Sea Speech and sand jokes Sponge Bob, always remember them.

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