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It's Arrested Development

And now, the quiz about a wealthy family who lost everything. It's Arrested Development.

Quiz created by: Brian Kelly

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  • He confused North and South.
  • He thought the blue was land.
  • He used a map for another area.
  • He thought the contour lines were roads.

  • The banana stand was a front for a counterfeiting operation.
  • The banana stand was the most profitable part of the Bluth Company.
  • There's LITERALLY money in the banana stand.
  • A rival company was planning on paying a large sum of money for it.

  • A drawing Buster had done of his mother.
  • Tobias' genitals.
  • A new trick of Gob's.
  • A poster for a movie Maeby was producing.

  • Annyong
  • Steve Holt
  • Maeby
  • Ann Veal

  • Gob
  • George Sr.
  • Michael
  • Buster

  • Michael
  • Maeby
  • Geroge Sr.
  • Lucille

  • "I'd give my left hand for an invitation."
  • "I think this party deserves a hand."
  • "This party won't be complete without a trained seal."
  • "This party's gonna be off the hook!"

  • A speech George Sr. gave to his staff.
  • One of Gob's magic tricks.
  • George-Michael acting out a "Star Wars" lightsaber duel.
  • One of Tobias' audition tapes.

  • She's already married.
  • She's mentally challenged.
  • She's a British spy.
  • She masterminded the deal between George Sr. and the British.

  • Bob Loblaw
  • Kitty Sanchez
  • Starla
  • White Power Bill

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