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Captain's log...James T. Kirk

The man, the myth, the action figure. The most coveted job in the galaxy: captain of the Enterprise. How much do you know about this guy? BTW: unless otherwise specified, these are based on the normal timeline, not the one introduced in 'The Future Begins'.

Quiz created by: Bill Graves

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  • Iowa
  • Vulcan
  • Canada
  • The Moon

  • Eden
  • Tarsus IV
  • Romulus
  • Earth

  • Sam
  • Dave
  • Tom
  • Bill

  • Galileo
  • Republic
  • Enterprise
  • Farragut

  • Thaddeus
  • T
  • Tiberius
  • Timothy

  • James Cawley
  • John Belushi
  • Chris Pine
  • Carl Urban

  • Performed a teleportation at warp 7
  • Sent several shuttlecraft
  • Ejected the core to destroy the enemies
  • Reprogrammed it

  • Retired
  • Chief of Starfleet Operations
  • Ambassador to Vulcan
  • President of Starfleet

  • Sucked into space
  • Fall
  • Phaser
  • Old age

  • U.S.S Farragut
  • The Moon
  • A shuttlecraft
  • Iowa

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