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"Dorothy Must Die" novel trivia

Trivia for the novel

Quiz created by: Nick Chopper

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  • Tanessa Rosenbaum
  • Katniss Boldgers
  • Vicky Francis
  • Amy Gumm
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  • cat
  • dog
  • rat
  • parrot
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  • Nessarose
  • Indigo
  • Jellia
  • Nox
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  • earthquake
  • wildfire
  • sharknado
  • tornado
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  • Glinda
  • Dorothy Gale
  • Princess Ozma
  • Mombi
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  • the ruler banned moonshine
  • she wants to be Queen
  • because "Wizard of Oz" is such a wimpy kiddie story
  • because Oz is now supposedly a dystopian wasteland
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  • burnt by bubbles
  • hunged
  • gulag
  • watching "2 Broke Girls" nonstop
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  • 14
  • 16
  • 17
  • 15
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  • Yup, like one with a permasmile like a Walmart greeter
  • more like an antihero
  • sadly no
  • yes she she
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  • Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
  • Motley Crue "Home Sweet Home"
  • Metallica "Seek & Destroy"
  • Kansas "Dust In The Wind"
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  • blue
  • gold
  • silver
  • red
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  • metal
  • emo
  • country
  • pop
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  • facist ruler
  • hillbilly
  • serial killer
  • wimp
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  • princess
  • a warrior in a war torn world of Oz
  • ambassador of the United Nations
  • business owner
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  • Toto
  • Scarecrow
  • The Wizard
  • Lion
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  • "Let It Go"
  • "Over the Rainbow"
  • "When You Wish Upon a Star"
  • "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"
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  • no, it'll air on MTV
  • wait, this was to become a tv show
  • yes
  • no
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  • no
  • yes
  • Dye her hair to what?
  • unknown
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