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Simply Red - What is the next line?

You have been provided with a lyric of a Simply Red song. Can you determine which lyric is next?

Quiz created by: TeeRee

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  • I’ll keep holding on
  • Holding back the years
  • I’ve wasted all my tears
  • Strangled by the wishes of pater

  • You’ll never know how much you hurt me
  • It sends my future into clearer dimensions
  • Stay a minute can't you see
  • I wanna fall from the stars

  • I'm wondering what was I doing there
  • You'd better send me home
  • If anyone out there really cares
  • Something's glistening in my imagination

  • Because there must be something she can do
  • She's the one, the only remedy
  • Only you alone can quench this here thirst
  • Oh the pain is getting worse

  • All the time we've shared between us now
  • 'Cos I know that it's you that my heart burns for
  • Cause I wanna see your eyes
  • I wanna look into the windows of your soul

  • Ain't that a lot of love for one heart to hold
  • If the birds could hear how sweet your voice is
  • Your lips are so sweet
  • If the bees only knew how sweet you are baby

  • It could be me
  • Love’s indescribable
  • Maybe you’ll be mine
  • It should be me

  • You’re scared to be loved
  • And I feel like I’m someone else
  • Long are the days
  • And you have hurt me enough

  • Cause you know that your mine
  • Your perfect love
  • Quiero Tenerte
  • Still you’re in my dreams

  • Just a little ray of light shining through
  • Don't care what the people may say
  • Pleasure at the fairground on the way
  • Even if I know we can't make it

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