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Music Trivia #4

Below is a bunch of mucis trivia some you may know but some you may not see how many you know.

Quiz created by: BooBooKitty

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  • Sang Backup
  • PLayed Drums
  • Backup Dancer
  • Lead Vocals

  • George Martin
  • Elton John
  • Billy Preston
  • Billy Joel

  • Randy Jackson
  • Simon Cowel
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Prince

  • Blue Oyster Cult
  • Aldo Nova
  • Styx
  • Kiss

  • $10,000 and time served
  • $5,000 & 3yrs Probation
  • 60 days in rehab
  • 5yrs probation

  • Pete Townshend
  • Steve Vai
  • Eric Clapton
  • Eddie Van Halen

  • Eddie Vedder
  • Slash
  • Eddie Van Halen
  • Michael Keagle

  • It's the name of the street they all lived on
  • It's the name of the street they read in a comic book
  • Its the name of the street they 1st rehersed at
  • It's the name of the street they all partyed at

  • The Emeralds
  • The Alleycats
  • Attilla
  • Lost Souls

  • Saxophonist Elton Dean & John Baldry
  • It was the name of a circus performer he seen on a flier
  • 2 of his uncles first names
  • it was the name of his imaginary friend ac a child

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