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How Well Do You Know Morrissey?

Questions about the Pope Of Mope. <3

Quiz created by: nickiMorrissey

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  • PAtrick Steven Morrissey
  • Steven Patrick Morrissey
  • Morris Steven Patrick
  • Morrissey Steven Smith

  • April 1, 1959
  • July 31, 1959
  • October 31, 1959
  • May 22, 1959

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Manchester, England
  • London, England
  • Hollywood, California

  • Spandau Ballet
  • The Nosebleeds
  • New York Dolls
  • The Cure

  • What? He HAS been knighted.
  • No one knows.
  • The Queen thinks that knighting him would take away his edge.
  • With the Smiths CD titled, "The Queen Is Dead," he'll probably never be knighted.

  • Going to church and worshipping God everyday.
  • Hector, the first of the gang to die.
  • Skinheads.
  • The town that wasn't bombed, leaving the hopeless citizens with nuclear fallout and slow, boring lives.

  • wishing death to political figures.
  • being a racist.
  • being homosexual.
  • being a fan of rap music.

  • No.
  • Yes.

  • God no.
  • I have no idea about his sexual life.
  • He was, but technically not anymore.
  • Always has and always will be.

  • Ringleade of the Tormentors.
  • Vauxhall and I.
  • Viva Hate.
  • You Are The Quarry.

  • Los Angeles.
  • London.
  • Rome.
  • Manchester.

  • lay.
  • day.
  • race.
  • time.

  • Americans.
  • The human race.
  • Mexicans.
  • Mancunians.

  • The Decemberists.
  • Modest Mouse.
  • Death Cab For Cutie.
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

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