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Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds

This quiz is about the 1970s soft-rock trio Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds, best known for the Top 40 hit songs "Don't Pull Your Love" and "Fallin' In Love", and for their name, which seems like it should have a comma and "Attorneys at Law" following it and could be mistaken for a quartet by those unfamiliar with their music. This is a multiple-choice quiz. I included 1 correct answer, 2 incorrect answers that are intended to stump people, and one answer that is not true at all but still could seem probable to the uninitiated.

Quiz created by: Andria

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  • Alan Hamilton, Joe Frank Smith, and Dan Reynolds
  • Three names that no one in America could spell or pronounce properly.
  • Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank Carollo, and Tom Reynolds
  • Don Hamilton, Joseph Francis Carollo, and Tim Reynolds

  • Atlantic and RCA.
  • MCA and Warner Brothers.
  • Dunhill and Playboy.
  • Ronco and K-Tel.

  • Andy Kim.
  • Alan Dennison.
  • Neil Sedaka
  • Paul Anka

  • Because Reynolds' replacement was going to change his last name to Reynolds.
  • Because it was believed that changing the group's name would make the trio even more obscure than they already were.
  • Because they thought that changing the name would bring bad luck.
  • Because the group was partially funded by Reynolds Aluminum.

  • Webster
  • Funk-In-Wagnal
  • Roget
  • Britannia

  • "Annabella" and "Daisy Mae".
  • "Hildegaard" and "Andria".
  • "Gypsy Rose" and "Marianne".
  • "Luanne" and "Desiree".

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