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Hall and Oates -What's the next line-Lyrics Quiz

Below is a line from a song, you pick the line that is said next. The title of the song will most likely be a choice, maybe its the next line maybe its not, it is there as a little clue so you know the song

Quiz created by: BooBooKitty

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  • I can feel your body move
  • Everytime you go away
  • Go on and go free
  • I can't go on singing the same theme

  • She gave him her look, it would have worked on any other man around
  • But if you push me too far, I just might
  • Then he screamed leave me alone, I'm a family man
  • He said leave me alone, I'm a family man

  • Did the night just take up your time, cause it means more to me
  • (because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
  • I'm just better off not listening to friends advice
  • When they insist on knowing my bliss

  • Mind over matter
  • The beauty is there but a beast is in the heart
  • I know what she can do
  • I wouldnt if I were you

  • Ooh yeah, youve got to understand baby
  • Thats all you need to know now
  • I think I might know you too well
  • One on one so slow

  • I'm a spy but on your side you see
  • Private eyes
  • You can twist it around baby that aint enough
  • When its watching for lies

  • And dont you know, dont you know
  • So far gone, on your own
  • Youre a rich girl, and you've gone too far
  • You can rely on the old mans money

  • When you feel cold, I'll warm you
  • I can feel you watching in the night
  • If you feel like leaving you know you can go
  • Sara smile

  • Shes gone - what went wrong
  • Better learn how to face it
  • I need a drink and a quick decision
  • And pretty bodies help dissolve the memories

  • So dont dont dont let it slip away (away)
  • Ooh, it makes me just feel like crying (baby)
  • You've lost that lovin feeling
  • Baby baby I get down on my knees for you

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