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Don't Forget the Lyrics ... 5 Words

Supply the 5 words missing from the song

Quiz created by: Bill Graves

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  • Save me from those men
  • Don't let me down tonight
  • Heal my sin sick soul
  • Save me if you please

  • Big bags loaded with cash
  • A whole lotta spending money
  • To make dreams come true
  • And a lot of time

  • Wednesday night time for bed
  • Tuesday night never will arrive
  • The week is getting longer
  • Wednesday morning papers didn't come

  • In order to get the prize
  • Been stuck in airports, terrorized
  • Look into my too blue eyes
  • I've heard too many lies

  • Were really, really, really grand
  • Were blowin' like a hurricane
  • Made me change my mind
  • Knocked me off my feet

  • Any time you feel pain
  • Hey Jude, don't let me down
  • Hey Jude, don't make it bad
  • Hey Jude, don't be afraid

  • Don't you know the story
  • Won't you please run away
  • Can't you hear the thunder
  • He's been coming this way

  • That will make you fail
  • Hidden on the cul-de-sac trail
  • Are apparent to even you
  • That hide all around you

  • She would only see me
  • I just say the word
  • I try to call her
  • Now more than ever

  • Treat you like a guest
  • Are not to be trusted
  • Wish you the very best
  • Are nowhere to be found

  • Don't ever set me free
  • I'll always be right here
  • Don't ever walk out that door
  • I always want to be

  • To feed all the pigeons
  • To watch the children play
  • To rest my weary bones
  • To contemplate my near future

  • Don't hang around my door
  • Go back to your mama
  • You won't get anywhere here
  • You're still a young man

  • Whatever you want to do
  • I'm in love with you
  • I never will leave you
  • Say that you love me too

  • You're the one for me
  • Are you going to be free
  • I couldn't help but see
  • You bring me great glee

  • When life becomes so tough
  • When you lose your mind
  • When evening falls so hard
  • When you have no bed

  • Clothing styles, top to bottom
  • There are places I remember
  • Politicians that come and go
  • All the people I've loved

  • Look right behind you now
  • You'll never find one here
  • There's one on the wall
  • Just look into my eyes

  • The wind won't let me
  • I know I'll never arrive
  • It's a long way off
  • Tonight I am Nantucket bound

  • It was always burning
  • No need to douse it
  • Tried to put it out
  • Someone else started the fire

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