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Don't Forget the Lyrics ... 4 words

Fill in 4 missing words from the popular song.

Quiz created by: Bill Graves

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  • Started to sing aloud
  • Got lost in time
  • Spit on the ground
  • Spun herself all around

  • Never coming back again
  • Not worth the trouble
  • Lost in another world
  • Part of the furniture

  • Standing at your door
  • To either of us
  • In this foreign land
  • To you and me

  • Lovers and the leap
  • Questions run so deep
  • President is a creep
  • Castle and the keep

  • Sand off the shore
  • Stain from your heart
  • Dirt from your body
  • Sin from your soul

  • Running around in circles
  • Living and dying again
  • Making rhymes of yesterday
  • Slowly losing my mind

  • It's worth the thrill
  • This tongue can kill
  • Now is the time
  • You're over the hill

  • Brand new political scenes
  • Pieces on the ground
  • Lonely people running everywhere
  • Not enough time left

  • Are the truest words
  • Are the sweetest eyes
  • Won't mean a thing
  • Took me back home

  • Down and out friend
  • Family that's in need
  • Rock and roll band
  • Sweet little lonely girl

  • Not alot to say
  • No place to stay
  • In each other's arms
  • Nothing in the way

  • People came to see
  • Dollars for your life
  • Holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
  • Soldiers went to die

  • Isn't what you know
  • Never means to show
  • Is all around us
  • Like a cancer grows

  • Strong love can't fail
  • Check's in the mail
  • That boat won't sail
  • It's just as well

  • Michael, Ian and Gin
  • Playing in your lap
  • Vera, Chuck and Dave
  • Needing to be spanked

  • lifetime since we've met
  • Long cold lonely winter
  • Long time of loneliness
  • Dark, gray December morning

  • The next American president
  • The very next phase
  • The fruit of note
  • The new dance sensation

  • Sounds loud or mellow
  • Tunes to inspire dance
  • Music all day long
  • Songs people would sing

  • Take it to extremes
  • Run to the latrine
  • Gonna shake your tambourine
  • Start all over again

  • The excitement surrounding him
  • The singing and shouting
  • Nothing all around him
  • No buzzers and bells

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