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Don't Forget the Lyrics...3 words

Fill in the blanks for the song.

Quiz created by: Bill Graves

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  • Someone who's true
  • Someone to love
  • Someone like you
  • Love me do

  • I feel fine
  • Life is good
  • She loves me
  • That's no lie

  • Remember your name
  • Lose your life
  • Die of thirst
  • Never come back

  • In to pressure
  • Me a fight
  • All your excuses
  • Me more problems

  • Close to mine
  • On the edge
  • Strongly beating inside
  • Near my soul

  • Kind of way
  • Part to play
  • Game to play
  • Word to say

  • On the sink
  • By the door
  • All the time
  • In the cabinet

  • Road of life
  • Jungle of doubt
  • Desert of gloom
  • Tunnel of love

  • Starting a revolution
  • Turning it down
  • Your average teen
  • The mass media

  • A wishing well
  • The Pacific Ocean
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • Any forest primeval

  • Moon and stars
  • So much love
  • They'll never go
  • Not to leave

  • Lost at sea
  • Made of wood
  • In the ballpark
  • On the hill

  • Man died tonight
  • Rider did approach
  • Wildcat did growl
  • Woman was denied

  • Do some more
  • Heal the sore
  • Even the score
  • Call Dinah Shore

  • Feel the breeze
  • Bend your knees
  • Feel his disease
  • Never walk again

  • Path to God
  • Friend in Jesus
  • Road to glody
  • True, perfect life

  • Lose my ego
  • Forget my identity
  • Leave myself behind
  • Try another kind

  • All works out
  • Is the same
  • Never really mattered
  • Is my fault

  • Levee was dry
  • People were gone
  • Road was closed
  • Levee wasn't there

  • Open your mouth
  • Ever walk out
  • Lose your clout
  • Shut me out

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