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Debbie Gibson Quiz: Laverne & Deborah

About Deborah Gibson... and not Laverne (whoever she is)

Corny tv title spoof, wasn't it?

Quiz created by: Electric Youth

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  • rap
  • alternative
  • techno
  • country
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  • both videos featured a scene of the singer on a carosel
  • both featured some guy in a yellow shirt playing the saxophone
  • both videos feature the singer in bed on a beach
  • both videos featured the same actor
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  • Technotronic
  • New Kids On The Block
  • Milli Vanilli
  • The Party
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  • Full Force
  • Rick Ruben
  • Stock Aitkin Waterman
  • Babyface
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  • a pop star
  • married to a doctor
  • a performing arts teacher
  • a Broadway performer
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  • Democrat
  • unknown, she keeps it to herself unlike certain celebs
  • Republican
  • Independant
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  • no
  • yes
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