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Cream -What's the next line-Lyrics Quiz

Below is a line from a song, you pick the line that is said next. The title of the song will most likely be a choice, maybe its the next line maybe its not, it is there as a little clue so you know the song

Quiz created by: BooBooKitty

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  • She's gone, but I dont worry
  • Had to take Christmas in my overalls
  • One summer day, she went away
  • I'm sitting on top of the world.

  • I support the left, though I'm leaning, leaning to the right
  • Hey now baby, get into my big black car
  • I want to just show you what my politics are
  • I'm a political man and I practice what I preach

  • Balancing zeppelins on the end of my nose
  • Missing the walrus, sharing my last banana
  • I met three salads out on the motorway
  • Balancing brass bands on the tip of my toe

  • And theres a story, a kind of fable
  • You said how the coffee tasted so fine
  • It starts off, the coffee tasted so fine
  • Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo

  • Meaningless
  • More or less
  • Dreaming about my life
  • Come to me

  • Feel when I dance with you
  • Though my mind wants to cry out loud
  • I can walk down the street, theres no one there
  • You, youre all I want to know

  • Sweet wine, hay making, sunshine day breaking
  • Who wants the worry, the hurry of city life
  • We can bide time
  • Car speed, road calling, bird freed, leaf falling

  • A mother was washing her baby one night
  • The mother turned round for a soap off the rack
  • The youngest of ten and a delicate mite
  • The mother was poor and the baby was thin

  • Gonna turn myself to shadow
  • Dance the night away.
  • Sail into the blue
  • High up in the clouds

  • Shes a witch of trouble in electric blue
  • Strange brew -- kill whats inside of you.
  • And wouldnt you be bored
  • Ignored

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