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Bloody Impossible Unless You're Me Quiz

You'll have no way in Hell of ever doing this! I DARE YOU!

Quiz created by: Apricot

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  • Replicas
  • Telekon
  • Self-Titled
  • The Pleasure Principle

  • The strings are out of tune about 1.5 steps
  • Dom is gay
  • This is a trick, there is no guitar on this album, it is all-synth
  • Beck's guitar is missing a string

  • Neutral Milk Hotel- The Fool
  • Old Time Relijun- Cold Water, Deep Underwater
  • Ween- The F--ked Jame
  • Gary Numan- Conversation

  • Black Heart Procession
  • Eisley
  • Woven Hand
  • (E)

  • Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
  • Soft Bulletin
  • Clouds Taste Metallic
  • Dom is gay

  • All of the tracks have intros of more then 30 seconds
  • They are done entirely on guitars
  • All the track names are one word
  • They were recorded in one take

  • The Flaming Lips- The Abandoned Hospital Ship
  • Depeche Mode- A Pain That I'm Used To
  • Butthole Surfers- Cough Syrup
  • Nine-Inch Nails- Somewhat Damaged

  • Well, right now, I'm- Wait a minute! That's not a question that makes sense! The answer would vary for each person! Silly Andrew.
  • Uh.. the computer?
  • SINEP!
  • Canada. Which reminds me, Canada Sucks.

  • Happy Family- The Man On Your Street
  • Cornelius- Count Five or Six
  • Cornelius- Chapter 8
  • Momus- Keigo Oyamada

  • Dom is gay.
  • Ookie Spookie
  • Then and Again

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