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These are question about ART PAUL SCHLOSSER written by ART PAUL SCHLOSSER to promote ART PAUL SCHLOSSER's songs

Quiz created by: ART PAUL SCHLOSSER

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  • Chicago,IL
  • New York,NY
  • Madison,WI
  • Milwaukee,WI

  • a Kazoo
  • a Flute
  • a Harmonica
  • a Whistle

  • Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • Boyfriends Mean
  • Pink Pants
  • The Worst Pie

  • Let's loiter & The Backstreet Boys(I Want To Kill Them !)
  • Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich and Vote for Me/It's a Joke
  • Venison Christmas & The Christmas Book Club
  • Dead Skunk Perfume & The Worst Restaurant

  • Julie Brown
  • Madonna
  • Carla Ulbrich
  • Shari Elf

  • a Kazoo
  • a Vacuum
  • An Electric Keyboard
  • an Ukulele

  • Meet The Beatles
  • Even Worst
  • Reinventing Myself
  • unConvential

  • The Great LukeSki
  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • Tony Goldmark
  • Raymond and Scum

  • The Great LukeSki
  • The Hot Waffles
  • The Rutles
  • Whimsical Will

  • The Great LukeSki's alter ego
  • The Mayor of Madison,Wisconsin
  • Street Perfomer & Outsider Artist
  • Juggler and Shoe Polish Salesman

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