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1000 Ways to Die

The following is titles, you need to answer their ultimate fate.

Quiz created by: Aaron Rules OK?

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  • The man accidentally rushes against a window and he falls several stories to his death.
  • The man falls into a coffin and dies of a skull fracture.

  • The man eats an overdose of chips and dies from choking.
  • The man accidentally gets shredded to pieces when trying to un-jam a woodchipper.

  • The man and woman goes into a helium-filled basketball, and when they forget the way out, they suffocate.
  • The man and woman play a game of basketball; the ball hits the man's head leading to a skull fracture.

  • A man, wanting sex, clears a hornet's nest; without realizing he has an anaphylactic shock to hornets, leading to paralysis and death.
  • The hornet stings the man's foot accidentally, leading to poison befouling it.

  • An umbrella a sword swallower tries to umbrella, but the release button is hit; he suffocates with no air.
  • An umbrella a man is holding flies up in the air, carrying the man, and the wind stops; causing the man's head to land on a rock

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