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Heart-What's the next line-Lyrics Quiz

Below is a line from a song, you pick the line that is said next. The title of the song will most likely be a choice, maybe its the next line maybe its not, it is there as a little clue so you know the song

Quiz created by: BooBooKitty

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  • How do I get you alone
  • I never really cared until I met you
  • You don't know how long I have wanted
  • You don't know how long I have waited

  • You'd have me down down down down on my knees
  • No, you better make up something quick
  • If the real thing don't do the trick
  • Ooooooohhhh, barra barracuda.

  • All I wanna do is make love to you
  • So I pulled up alongside
  • I didnt ask him his name
  • Standing by the road

  • Crazy on you, crazy on you, let me go crazy crazy on you
  • The whisper that calls, after you in the night
  • I sang you the song that I heard up above
  • Nowhere to breathe time to be young

  • He's good enough
  • Why can't I break out
  • I want so much
  • He's man enough a little touch

  • It seemed like he knew me
  • Come on home, girl he said with a smile
  • It seemed wed seen each other in a dream
  • I'm a magic man

  • In dreams never touch the earth
  • These dreams that sleep when its cold outside
  • These dreams go on when I close my eyes
  • Every second of the night I live another life

  • Will forget I came
  • Watching you chew on the bones
  • White lightning and wine came on so fast
  • It's a down drinkin freaky crowd

  • I might be trembling but Im not scared
  • I can see everything in your eyes
  • Feel your breath caress my shoulder as your heart reads my mind
  • Its so easy with you I dont need an excuse to be the woman in me

  • But I won't give it to you yet
  • Baby I won't be your voodoo doll
  • You work your magic on my blues
  • You got moves make a good girl sweat

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