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Twilight Fans

Answer the following question based on the movies

Quiz created by: Sian Thomas

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  • Swan
  • Cullen
  • Black
  • Smith

  • Spider
  • Bear
  • Bat
  • Wolf

  • Orlando Cullen
  • Jasper Cullen
  • Carlisle Cullen
  • James Cullen

  • Rosalie
  • Renesmee
  • Emmett
  • Bella

  • Carlisle
  • Edward
  • Victoria
  • The Vultari

  • Edward
  • Jacob
  • Esme
  • Alice

  • Jacob and his pack
  • the cullen's
  • Charlie and Renee
  • The Vultari

  • No
  • Yes but only for a week
  • No because she cant be turned
  • Yes

  • No because edward is a vampire = dead (cant pro-create)
  • Yes but it dies
  • Yes
  • no it was a false positive

  • No because nothing happend about a pregnancy yet as I said in the last question!
  • Yes but she came back because of edward
  • Yes and never comes back!
  • No she was fakeing it!

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