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The Wiz

The Wiz was a film that is a Black rendition of The Wizard of OZ.

Quiz created by: Paul Warren

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  • Harlem
  • Her Aunt Em told her that she never went south of 125th Street.

  • She was 34 years old when she did the movie, her character is 10 years younger.
  • She was too old for the role.

  • She's a Kindergarten Teacher.
  • Her Aunt Em told her to get a job at a High School.

  • Silver.
  • Only in 'The Wizard of OZ' they were Ruby.

  • Glinda is the Witch of the South, Evermean is the Witch of the East, and Evilene is the Witch of the West.
  • Miss One.

  • This was a Minor hit for Michael Jackson.
  • You can't win.

  • Whenever he thought of her, he always cried.
  • Teeny.

  • Match Game.
  • He would come and go on that show.

  • He played the Lion on the Broadway version as well.
  • Ted Ross

  • Incapable of Being King
  • That's why the Lion was thrown out of the Jungle.

  • He appears in the film often, he works for Evilene.
  • The Subway from Hell.

  • The Scarecrow told the Tin Man to think of Teeny.
  • The Tin Man cried tears in her face.

  • World Trade Center.
  • It's actually a mock-up because of the strong wind that was coming during the film shooting.

  • Mabel King.
  • She was the Original Broadway Actress for Evilene.

  • Cheetah.
  • Cheetah gives Evilene a smart-alec comment.

  • She says it causes her to melt.
  • Water.

  • A Giant Toilet.
  • She gets flushed down (Or melted down) in the end.

  • Humans.
  • They are Black Professional Ballet Dancers.

  • Herman.
  • He was once the Mayor of Atlantic City. He used a Hot-air ballon to campaign, but a storm took him to OZ.

  • The Scarecrow had a lot of knowledge by saving Dorthy. The Tin Man cried because of Teeny. The Lion got Dorthy out of the Subway.
  • They did it themselves.

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