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Shock Treatment: The Quiz!

This is a quiz about the further adventures of Brad & Janet Majors. Let's see if you can follow up! If you get stuck, just ask yourself, "What would Richard O'Brien choose?"

Quiz created by: HawkTheSlayer

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  • Uncle Sal's Clubhouse
  • Marriage Maze
  • Dentonvale
  • The Denton Dossier

  • In another castle
  • In a psychiatric ward
  • In a television studio
  • In someone's mind

  • The Rime Of The Sea Mariner
  • Kama Sutra Sonata
  • Ode To A Spinster
  • The Young Man From Nantucket

  • Nation McKinley
  • Macy Struthers
  • Janet Majors
  • Neely Pritt

  • Paranoid Schizophrenia
  • Infantile Regression
  • Chronic Quadrophenia
  • Manic Depression

  • Judge Oliver Wright
  • Dr. Cosmo McKinley
  • Bert Schnick
  • Farley Flavors

  • They're frustrated lovers
  • They're estranged cousins
  • They're former friends
  • They're long-lost brothers

  • The Lab Rats
  • Spark & The Plugs
  • Spiked Punks
  • Oscar Drill & The Bits

  • Pop psychologists
  • Character actors
  • Wannabe TV directors
  • Former doctors-turned-TV hosts

  • You're looking at a pretty face
  • You're looking at an ace
  • You're looking at THE king
  • You're looking at a saint

  • D.T.V.
  • Omni Consumer Products
  • Farley's Flavors
  • Hamilton Beach

  • Italian leather brogues
  • Hot plum lipstick
  • A little black dress
  • A fluffy white robe

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