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Monty Python's Search For The Holy Grail (NOT The Slop Bucket)

Do you know the lads well? Can you navigate your way through the Cheese Shop? Do you know about the Dead Parrot? Do you eat Spam? Good!.......Well, this isn't about those. This is about the Holy Grail. Let's see if you are as sharp as your brain tells you you are!

Quiz created by: HawkTheSlayer

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  • Yes- Duh
  • No- Shhhhhh

  • No- That is no basis for a form of government.
  • Yes- Of course you can. Worked for King Arthur!

  • True- Obviously! Everyone knows this, you albatross!
  • False- Some Frenchman told you that.

  • Yes, that's Prince Alex!
  • No, that's Prince Herbert!

  • Yes- Mind yu, Moose bittes Kan be pretti nasti....
  • No- Evrywun knoows moose can't werk. Llamas, on the other hannd...

  • Are you daft? Arthur never got a hint from Scene 27!
  • Most certainly! Arthur also got some cheese in that scene.

  • Actually, the Swamp Castle is the proper answer.
  • Actually, the Castle Anthrax is the proper answer.

  • Not exactly, you yellow b*st*rds!
  • Why do you think he's never been beaten?

  • Large Wooden Badger
  • Large Wooden Rabbit

  • Prime Minister Thatcher
  • President Nixon

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