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Clear and Present Danger

The film Clear and Present Danger

Quiz created by: Marty

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  • Bambi
  • Kurt Russell
  • Haley Mills
  • Dean Jones
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  • a South American Jack Ryan
  • a political nightmare
  • a coffee dealership
  • a simple yes or no
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  • Cutter
  • Clark
  • the Senate oversight committe
  • the President
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  • Rutheford B. Hayes
  • George Bush (senior)
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Ronald Regan
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  • by irreverntly quipping "That would have been good."
  • with a skeptical "hmmm . . ."
  • by barking at at him like a junkyard dog
  • By rolling his eyes
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  • revenge
  • the president's illeagal agenda against the Columbian Drug Cartel
  • Showboat
  • Reciprocity
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  • As comic book hero the Human Torch might say to Wayne Campbell "Flame On!"
  • Tennis? Yeah, I play Tennis."
  • He wishes. Formerly he was a pedophiliacal priest
  • Probably not, he is shown in bed with a woman.
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  • Variable and Knife
  • Sheriff Taylor and Fife
  • Drag Strip Mama and Little Gemcrack
  • Marryable and scythe
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  • Boom!
  • Idiots! You were supposed to drop Poptarts!!
  • Keep the Target Painted!
  • Have a Nice Day!
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  • The Beltway Bustout
  • the Lecture Circuit Shuffle
  • The Washinton Wiggle
  • The old Potomic Two-Step
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