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The Exorcist


Quiz created by: Jim Blake

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  • Kathleen
  • Marie
  • Teresa
  • Christine

  • Nine
  • One
  • Three
  • Two

  • Opus Dei
  • Dominican
  • Jesuit
  • Legionnaires

  • HELP ME!!
  • Give Us Time!
  • Let her die!

  • 180
  • 90
  • 360
  • 45

  • "With us, in hell."
  • "That's much too vulgar a display of power Karras."
  • "Never tell anyone outside the family what you're thinking."
  • "In here, with us."

  • Karl
  • Regan
  • Sharon
  • Burke Dennings

  • A solid white nightclub, with me as the headliner and they love me!!
  • Pearly white gates with a golden piano for me!
  • Better than Van Cliburn in solid white nightclub!
  • Liberace's piano with me as the headliner!

  • Be silent!!
  • The power of Christ compels you!!
  • You sonafabitch!
  • Shut up!!

  • Paul Schrader
  • Billy Wilder
  • John Frankenheimer
  • William Friedkin

  • Stick your cock up her ass, you mother fucking worthless cocksucker!
  • BRING IT!!
  • Fuck him, Karras!

  • Greek Orthodox
  • Episcopal
  • atheist
  • Catholic

  • Crash Course
  • Revolution
  • Four Days in October
  • Angel

  • Heidi
  • Angel
  • Go Ask Alice
  • Sybil

  • Right cross
  • Left uppercut
  • Left handed back hand.
  • Two jabs with the right and a left cross for the knockout

  • Because Karras was somehow involved
  • Because Kinderman had just grilled Regan's mom about Regan being Denning's killer
  • Because Chris wanted to find out if Regan was cold
  • Because Kinderman suspected Chris of the murder

  • Athletic jockstrap/cup
  • Light saber
  • Football helmet
  • Attack dog "bite suit"

  • punk ass bitch
  • fucking doctor
  • fucking dickhead
  • fuckin' bastard

  • Statue head of Jesus and a "Miraculous Medal"
  • Statue head of himself and a 1986 Chicago Bears Super Bowl ring
  • Statue head of Pazuzu and a St. Christopher medallion
  • Picture of a one eyed man and a statue of an old woman

  • Regan saying "Keep away! The Sow is MINE!!"
  • Regan crushing the balls of the hypnotist
  • Regan saying "Stick your cock up her ass..." to Fr. Merrin
  • Regan turning her head around and talking like Burke Dennings

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