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Alfred Hitchcock's ROPE (1948)

The movie

Quiz created by: Jim Blake

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  • Leonard Loeb
  • Ashley Lawrence
  • Price Samples
  • David Kently

  • Farley Granger
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Brandon Stokeley
  • Sir Cedricke Hardwicke

  • murderous
  • criminal
  • artistic
  • financial

  • Errol
  • Phillip
  • Ken
  • Steven

  • In the chest with the dead person.
  • In Brandon's desk drawer, behind his check box.
  • In his pants.
  • In the piano.

  • James Mason
  • John Dall
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Hines Ward

  • Rupert Cadell
  • Robert Crudetat
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Richard Sedgewick

  • Fires three shots into the ceiling
  • Fires two shots out the window
  • Runs outside and starts screaming
  • Telephones the police

  • Farley Granger
  • John Dall
  • James Mason
  • Charles Laughton

  • "Hello champagne."
  • "You smell dreamy"
  • "Thats a new low, even for you, chum."
  • "When's the last time I said, oohhh it tickles?"

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