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G.I. Joe: The Movie Quotes

What's the next line?

Quiz created by: Celeste

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  • No! Not the spores! I am a citizen of Cobra-La! No! NO!
  • No I was betrayed.
  • to raise a mighty army and go out into this so called civilized society and conquer the world
  • You were my choice Commander and you failed

  • You came back for me.
  • Quick Falcon grab my ankles.
  • This one is for the U.S.A. and Duke.
  • Those aren't Dreadnoks. Those are G.I. Joes

  • Yes it was my faceplate as I was once a man.
  • I'm not sure about him
  • Useless. It's all useless. I was once a man..... A man!
  • Look at Cobra Commander.

  • Stay out of my life.
  • Yo Joe!
  • Promise me you'll get your life together and be a model for your country.
  • I promised our mother that I'd look out for you. Maybe I shouldn't have taken on that job.

  • Falcon you're going to learn what it means to be a G.I. Joe even if it kills you. I'm sending you to the Slaughter House.
  • I've looked at your record to try and find something good about you and we've found none.
  • Enlight of this recent events we've decided not to hold you over for court marshall.
  • Yours is a shameless record of insubordination

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