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Apocalypse Now - Again

Apocalypse Now

Quiz created by: Jim Blake

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  • Henry
  • Cheese
  • Colby
  • Roberts

  • The Warriors
  • PBS Kids
  • PBR Streetgang
  • Warlord

  • Looking a gift horse in the mouth
  • Taking candy from a baby
  • Biting the hand that feeds you
  • Handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500

  • Chef
  • The Chief
  • Clean
  • Lance

  • 1st of the Ninth
  • Big Country
  • Bronx Bombers
  • Seventh of the Seventh

  • Roger 707
  • Big Duke 6
  • Trouble 49
  • Lancer 8-4

  • Johnny! Roll over put the right skid right up her ass!
  • and put some 20 MIKE MIKE Vulcan along that treeline
  • and play Wagner!
  • and ripple the shit out of 'em

  • Hindu Temples
  • Killing the woman who blew up the evacuation helicopter with a grenade
  • Colonel Kilgore's blowing up a VC vehicle with a missile
  • Willard's questioning of Kurtz

  • Kiling Willard
  • No cable TV
  • Having to go back home
  • Crawling across the edge of a straight razor like a snail

  • Air conditioning and a microwave
  • Crawling across the edge of a straight razor like a snail
  • To Rule the Roost and hand out speeding tickets
  • To become Viceroy of India

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