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This quiz is about volcanoes, and it is multiple-choice.

Quiz created by: Andria

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  • An extremely destructive mudslide caused by glaciers, ice-caps and snow being melted by pyroclastic flows, lava and/or heat from rising magma.
  • A type of volcanic ash.
  • A synonym for "volcanic eruption".
  • A type of volcanic rock.

  • Dacite.
  • Magma.
  • Tephra.
  • Rhyolite.

  • The Philippines.
  • The United States of America.
  • Indonesia.
  • Japan.

  • Lassen Peak (California)
  • Mount St. Helens (Washington State)
  • Mount Rainier (Washington State).
  • Kilauea Volcano (Hawaii)

  • A volcanic peak over one mile (5,280 feet) in height.
  • A volcano located under a body of water.
  • An active volcano.
  • A volcanic peak composed of alternating layers of lava rock and ash.

  • Because of the large amount of ejected lava.
  • Because they collapse during eruption and flood vast areas of land with molten lava.
  • Because extremely large amounts of ash are ejected.
  • Because of the inherent instability of their flanks and the large amounts of glaciers and snow present on almost all stratovolcanoes.

  • A lava flow, because molten rock destroys everything that it touches.
  • Ashfall, because of damage to crops and adverse affects on the health of people, wildlife and domestic animals.
  • A pyroclastic flow, because the superheated gasses and rock fragments will vaporize or ignite anything they come in contact with.
  • A volcanic mudslide, because entire cities can be buried by fast-moving mud that has the consistency of wet concrete and hardens to a rock-like state.

  • Because of Hollywood special effects.
  • Because magma cannot pass through fault lines, only through subduction zones and known volcanic peaks and seamounts.

  • The same thing as an island, but with nothing above the surface of the water.
  • A fish.
  • An undersea steam vent.
  • An undersea volcanic peak.

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