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The Outsiders: Chapter Two

These questions cover Chapter 2 of the SE Hinton novel.

Quiz created by: Andrea

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  • Western
  • horror
  • sci-fi
  • beach movie

  • a nickel
  • five dollars
  • one dollar
  • a quarter

  • He did all these things.
  • put his feet on her chair
  • offer to buy her Coke
  • beat his own record for saying something dirty

  • They two-timed the girls
  • They brought booze
  • They refused to pay for the girls' popcorn
  • The boys wouldn't stop complaining about the movie

  • Sherri
  • Eleanor
  • Allison
  • Janet

  • Dallas slashed Tim's tires.
  • Tim wanted to invite Dallas to Buck Merrill's party
  • Dallas got Tim's sister Angela pregnant.
  • Dallas beat up Tim's brother Curly.

  • Marcia
  • Johnny
  • Cherry
  • Tim

  • Cherry's boyfriend Bob beat him up and Bob was wearing several rings.
  • His mom slashed him with a butcher knife.
  • His dad hit him with a two-by-four.
  • A hobo hit him with a broken soda bottle.

  • Ponyboy and Sodapop would be sent to a boys' home.
  • He was afraid Ponyboy would get arrested.
  • The police hate Greasers and wouldn't bother to look for his brother.
  • He thought Ponyboy would try to fight the police.

  • the lot
  • the drugstore
  • The Dingo
  • the park

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