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Quiz created by: Jim Blake

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  • New Orleans County
  • Orleans Parish
  • Dallas
  • Houston

  • Napoleon's
  • Royal Orleans
  • Demarche
  • Louis'

  • bullshit president!
  • a victim of circumstance
  • communist
  • a marked man

  • Carondelet Street
  • Wall Street
  • Bleeker Street
  • Canal Street

  • two
  • one
  • seven
  • zero

  • SR-71 Blackbirds
  • Grasshoppers
  • U2's
  • P-51's

  • He found Ferrie's story "simply not believable".
  • He wanted to discuss cancer cures with Ferrie
  • He wanted to eat dinner with Ferrie
  • He was attracted to David Ferrie

  • powdered sugar pastries
  • crab meat
  • Burrito
  • Cashew pieces

  • Locks them up
  • sends them to the FBI office in Chicago
  • Burns after reading
  • makes three copies

  • "What the fuck is he doing here?"
  • "Can you shoot straight?"
  • "I could use a good wingman"
  • "The more the merrier!"

  • Wilber Marshall
  • Lamont Cranston
  • Frankie Jenkins
  • Ben Smedley

  • He was anti-communist
  • He was a communist
  • He was an american
  • He was slightly to the right of Attila the Hun

  • The 1969 Cubs
  • The district attorney's staff
  • Garrison's witnesses
  • The CIA

  • he's working on his next assassination plot
  • had enough of this publicity
  • Get friggin drunk with some grimy young hoodlums in the 'Quarter
  • He will go home and make some etouffee

  • Grassy Knoll Building
  • University of Texas Bell Tower
  • The Texas School Book Depository
  • The Dal-Tex building

  • Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell
  • Clay Shaw and Lee Harvey Oswald
  • John Foster Dulles and Wild Bill Donovan
  • LBJ and Charles Cabell

  • Nessun Dorma
  • My Way
  • You're the cream in my coffee
  • Star Spangled Banner

  • a double-agent
  • A patsy
  • A communist
  • A patriot

  • To get their perceptions out of the way
  • The plane was supposed to crash
  • To prepare China for a dictatorship
  • To give them "plausible denial"

  • To keep the Vietnam War (military industrial complex) going
  • He was a communist
  • Jackie had enough of his philandering
  • Payback from the Mob for RFK prosecuting them

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