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Countries of the World Quiz - Japan

See how much you know about the Land of the Rising Sun

Quiz created by: Mr. Badger Hawkeye

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  • the Japanese national anthem
  • the largest company in Japan
  • the name of the Japanese Imperial family
  • the Japanese official motto

  • Hokkaido
  • Okinawa
  • Honshu
  • Kyushu

  • 126,433,494
  • 127,288,419
  • 130,302,301
  • 125,439,215

  • Democratic Party of Japan
  • Komeito
  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • Social Democratic Party

  • karate
  • baseball
  • sumo
  • judo

  • Admiral George Dewey
  • Commodore Matthew Perry
  • Admiral David Farragut
  • Commodore George Washington Rodgers

  • House of Representatives and the Senate
  • House of Representatives and House of Councillors
  • House of Commons and the Senate
  • House of Commons and House of Lords

  • Hinduism
  • Taoism and Confucianism
  • Shinto and Buddhism
  • Christianity

  • Meiji Restoration
  • the Daimyo
  • Ashikaga shogunate
  • Tokugawa shogunate

  • May 3
  • November 29
  • April 28
  • February 11

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