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Which AmIRight Recording Parodist Sang These?

These are lyrics to recorded parodies by AmIRight artists. Do you know who sang what? Here's your chance to see just how big a fan are you of AmIRight Recording Artists!

Quiz created by: Below Average Dave

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Click and drag the items from the right column to the grey middle column.

Boyfriend is Skinny, hides behind a small tree.
I tried to wash it but this sh!t remains.
She's your mother's age but screw it
Hit it down the center, Oh Split it's 7-10
Mom's swollen breasts are filling me (Mustache).
I'm hearing grumbles I can feel them in my stomach
need a Holy Ghost Enema right up your rear end
I thought I might be a Buddhist
Now the police are on my trail.
Advertise my songs as if they're so awesome
Poor Joanne. Caught in a head-lock so tight
With torments I was snowed under
baret and striped clothes in piles
Don't feel good, I'm gonna chuck.
Don't believe in thought, Don't believe in brains
I see my waiter pass will he ever come back?
they tell me don't panic oh yeah right
gin send you to rehab, Now the healing can begin!
Don't Go in the Kitchen. . Let Aunt Bee
He Thinks my Ring is Nice
Merry & Pippin
Glen Stollberger (2NZ)
Kristof Robertson
Red Ant featuring Below Average Dave
Matthias Parodies
Josh 2
Nuclear Bubble Wrap and Robert Lund
Insert Coins to Continue
Phil Alexander
Exactly Midnight
Claude Perez Fan
Vocally Challenged
Below Average Dave
Jeff Reuben
Silly Nelson Duncan
Rick Cormier
The CaCa Man