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Ramakes of the originals

Match the artist to the remake

Quiz created by: Pat

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Click and drag the items from the right column to the grey middle column.

Behind Blue Eyes
You're No Good
Ain't too proud to beg
American Woman
Another Brick in the Wall
Born to be Wild
Cat Scratch Fever
Draggin' the line
Feel Like Makin' Love
For What It's Worth
Feel a Whole Lot Better
I Am the Walrus
Mississippi Queen
Smokin' in the Boys Room
Stone Cold Crazy
Sympathy for the Devil
Tainted Love
Oh Well
Guns 'n' Roses ( Greatest Hits )
Limp Bizkit ( album : Results May Vary)
Ozzy Osbourne ( Under Cover )
Velvet Revolver ( Contraband, Disc 2)
Pantera (Detroit Rock City soundtrack)
Van Halen ( Van Halen II)
The Cult ( Electric )
R.E.M. ( Austin Powers : TSWSM soundtrack)
Kid Rock ( Kid Rock)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Live On)
Motley Crue ( Decade of Decadence)
Marilyn Manson ( Lest We Forget..)
Rush ( Feedback )
Korn ( Greatest Hits Vol. )
Styx ( Big Bang Theory)
Stone Temple Pilots ( Revolution )
Tom Petty ( Full Moon Fever )
The Rolling Stones ( It's Only Rock 'n' Roll )
Metallica (Garage, Inc. )
Lenny Kravitz ( Greatest Hits )