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Finish the Manics Lyrics


1. Harvest your _______, dead mothers crawl


2. I am a pioneer, they call me _________


3. We missed the sex revolution..... (5 words)

when we failed the physical

4. Our lives drift into a faceless... (3 words)

sense of void

5. My idea of love comes from... ( 5 words)

A childhood glimpse of pornography

6. Beauty is such a ________ thing


7. She'd walk on ______ _____ for love

broken glass

8. The difference between love and comfort, is that comfort is... (4 words

more reliable and true

9. Nobody loved you, nobody made you feel... (2 words_

so alive

10. The further away I get from you, the harder it gets... (3 words)

for everyone else

11. I wanna fly and run... (3 words)

till it hurts

12. In block 5 we worship _______


13. It's agony, sheer agony... (7 words)

the way your life just fades away

14. Yes, I have money but I hate _________


15. Lasted longer than I figured, it stuck around... (2 words)

and lingered

16. Organise your safe tribal war, hurt maim kill and... (3 words)

enslave the ghetto