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Famous Last Words XXI

Don't go throwing it all away! Just take this quiz. Match the last non-chorus line to the song. Note: the ellipsis dots (...) denote all or part of the song title in the line.

1. Your voice calling, calling after me.

Throwing It All Away

2. Don't you know baby you can't be beat.

Love Struck Baby

3. And I'll send ... to you.

All My Loving

4. Hundred billion castaways looking for a home.

Message in a Bottle

5. I know it's my own damn fault.


6. People on the river are happy to give.

Proud Mary

7. Got to keep on movin' or I'll lose my mind.

Rockin' Down the Highway

8. And they couldn't prevent ... from feeling ...

Happy Jack

9. Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike


10. Follow those teenage hopes

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