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Famous Last Words

These are the last, non-chorus, lyrics to the song. Can you spot the song? Note, where you see the elipsis dots (...), that indicates the songs title is actually in the line. Got it?

Quiz created by: Bill Graves

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Click and drag the items from the right column to the grey middle column.

Just to have you, baby, close to me.
Tell me, sweetie, what's my name?
Only ... does it good to me.
There ain't no island left for islanders like me.
Nobody gives a damn.
It's all right.
Yes, I know you can.
Lover, can you talk to me?
Sky of blue, and sea of green, in our ...
But you can't hear me, you can't hear me.
But I'm just standing here selling everything.
Should someone be looking at me.
Oh, sing it tonight.
He was such a stupid git.
Would you be the same if I saw you in Heaven?
She'll make her way.
You still moan, "Keep your hands to yourself!"
Where the shadows run from themselves.
Bums still cry, "Hey, buddy, have you got a dime?"
Please don't leave me alone.
Don't Try Suicide
My Love
Give a Little Bit
White Room
Spanish Caravan
I'm Down
Downeaster Alexa
Carry On
I'm So Tired
Magic Woman
Sympathy for the Devil
Tears in Heaven
Yellow Submarine
I Can't Dance
Let It Down
Tuff Enuff
And Your Bird Can Sing
The Beat Goes On