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Beatles Songs

Beatles songs are so famous that sometimes even a few words may be enough to identify the title. Here are a series of words or clues that should be able to suggest you the correct song title. Match the clues with the song title.

Quiz created by: Dino

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Click and drag the items from the right column to the grey middle column.

Handkerchief, Backdoor key, Dressing gown
Tucson, California grass, Loretta Martin
Photograph, House of Lords, English Army
Rice, Jar, Sermon
Barber, Hourglass, Roundabout
Quizzical, Pataphysical, P.C. thirty-one
Cornflake, Eggman, Edgar Allan Poe
Trampoline, Bishopsgate, Waltz
Tangerine, Cellophane, Marshmallow
Bullfrog, Jackknife, Wigwam
Dakota, Gideon's Bible, Showdown
Screen, Prospects, Peanuts
Hollywood song, Silver screen, Atlantic
Novel, Dirty story, Daily Mail
King of Marigold, Parlour, Playroom
Get Back
A Day in the Life
Being for the Benefit of Mr.Kite
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
She's Leaving Home
Penny Lane
Drive My Car
I Am the Walrus
Eleanor Rigby
Hey Bulldog
Rocky Raccoon
Honey Pie
Cry Baby Cry
Paperback Writer
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds