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In the distant future, all the great bands have been resurrected with new members. Unscramble the band members name to discover the original band.

1. Rick Eggjam, Rad Thickerish, Owen I. Odor, Static Whaler

The Rolling Stones

2. Tin Cracker, Bill Tartliner, Hugh-oo Weirdo, Jean Clam, Kinki N. Hardcover

Backstreet Boys

3. Hanky Sedition, Justin Hornface, Sam H. Ditch, A. Elf

Red Hot Chili Peppers

4. Merry Fiercedud, Amy Brain, Jaden H. Coon, Troy Rearlog


5. Becky Nelson-Woe, Noel K Drywall, Millee L. Whimsical

Destiny's Child

6. Emo N. Messing, Sally Peanut, Tess R. Piker, Faye Lecher


7. Ken Josh Acclaim, Jack Jeans Merino, Jock Jack Anise, Jo-Toni Stack, Norm Jackalson

Jackson 5

8. Karma Bitchvoice, Earl Gillwhite, Momenta Nub, Rebel A. Minnow, Chamois Hellmine

The Spice Girls

9. Ed Van Joys, Kit H. Immense, Milky Zedcone, Perk Otter

The Monkees

10. Grant Orris, Roger A. Rinsehog, Lance Cumparty, Lenn J N'Hoon

The Beatles