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Album Lyrics Match: John Mellencamp, Words & Music, Disc 1

The first of a 2 disc set of the greatest hits of a recent addition to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Do you remember these songs?

Quiz created by: Bill Graves

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Click and drag the items from the right column to the grey middle column.

If you treat your life like a bar room fight
Vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico.
When you're living on those in-betweens.
Another lazy man who couldn't take what was his.
I'm just sorry they're just memories for you now.
We kill the young to feed the old.
Sometimes I question my own behavior.
Get hip to what Martin Luther King had to say.
But we keep no check on our appetites.
Would you teach your children to tell the truth?
Pale reflection of its brave and blundering deed.
I'm in a garden and I'm talking to myself.
"Give me strength for Round 5."
It worked out like a storybook dream.
Look over my shoulder to see what I'm after.
I cannot forget the people who love me.
Ain't too proud to sleep on your floor tonight.
A couple guys had to put me in my place.
Never had no weird hair to get my songs over.
Authority Song
Lonely Ol' Night
Check It Out
Walk Tall
Human Wheels
Cherry Bomb
Pop Singer
Rain on the Scarecrow
R.O.C.K. In the USA
Crumblin' Down
When Jesus Left Birmingham
Pink Houses
Paper in Fire
Small Town
Peaceful World
Jackie Brown
Love and Happiness
What If I Came Knockin'?
Your Life Is Now