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Album Lyrics, John Mellencamp: Words & Music, Disc 2

A continuation of last weeks list. I'm tellin' ya, this is some good music. But can you match the lyrics to the songs?

Quiz created by: Bill Graves

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Click and drag the items from the right column to the grey middle column.

Good luck to the people raising families.
Pouring water on a drowning man in the moonlight.
She's perched like a parrot on his tuxedo shoulder
Spin in the middle when the troubles begin.
Racing through the human jungles at night.
I long for those young boy days.
The girl I spent 53 bucks on last night.
Do the boogie woogie on the corner of the street
I want to hear all your secrets.
I turned your photograph over face to the wall.
I don't know if I know what to do.
Pearl handled pistols underneath their vests.
Let the Bible Belt come and save my soul.
Combed my hair with my pillow.
Knew this would happen but I was hopin' not today.
In the morning she's just gonna be hurt.
I hope you don't lose that innocent laughter
Not just a slogan but the world needs love.
Strong will survive but the meek will inherit.
Martha Say
Now More Than Ever
Teardrops Will Fall
Again Tonight
Just Another Day
Hurts So Good
I'm Not Running Anymore
We Are the People
Dance Naked
Ain't Even Done With the Night
Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)
Wild Night
Jack & Diane
This Time
Get a Leg Up
Hand to Hold On To
Thank You
I Need a Lover