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Album Lyric Match: Eric Clapton - Back Home

Here Eric's getting sentimental. So Tired brings tears to my eyes. Match the lyric to the song.

1. When it's time to get my good night kiss

So Tired

2. Take alot of money to buy up all the pain

Say What You Will

3. What I chose could mean my destiny

Going Left

4. I blow my horn for you

Love Don't Love Nobody

5. Nothin never gets in your way


6. It keeps me learnin'

Lost and Found

7. Cuz your the vision in my mind


8. For you who it always seems blue

Love Comes to Everyone

9. Find that I’ve been set free

One Day

10. You took my breath so easily

One Track Mind

11. We should do this more often

Run Home to Me

12. I don't fit, but I don't give a damn

Back Home