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Name That Movie!!!!!!!!

I will give you a quote from a movie. Just name the movie in which the quote is said. It could be any movie and the quotes are not so well known. Don't worry, I'll give hints. Good Luck.

1. I like The Wizard of Oz. I like the Tin Man.

A Christmas Story

2. Get lost hood!!!!

The Outsiders

3. They make cages in all shapes and sizes, you know. Bank-shaped some of 'em. Carpets and all.

Mary Poppins

4. Don't know. First time you. First time me.

The Karate Kid

5. You call this a happy family? Why did we have to have all these kids?

It's A Wonderful Life

6. Hey, Beni! Looks like you're on the wrong side of the RIVER!!!

The Mummy

7. There's a man on the wing of this airplane!

The Twilight Zone

8. You mean she bit ya?

The Wizard of Oz