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Match the Movie Stars' Roles III

I thought of even more names and have made another quiz similar to my first two matching ones. I see lots of people have tried those and they're definitely challenging! Match the character the actor/actress plays in one movie with the character they play in another movie. These stars are Susan May Pratt, Tobey Maguire, Dan Aykroyd, Jesse Bradford, Jessica Alba, Matthew Davis, Rachael Leigh Cook, Alyssa Milano, Billy Crystal, and Heather Matarazzo.

Quiz created by: David Pratter

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Click and drag the items from the right column to the grey middle column.

Laney Boggs in "She's All That"
Lilly Moscovitz in "The Princess Diaries"
Alicia DeGasario in "Drive Me Crazy"
Sue Storm in "Fantastic Four"
Charlotte in "Embrace of the Vampire"
David in "Pleasantville"
Ben Cronin in "Swimfan"
Matt Tollman in "Blue Crush"
Pete Wagner in "Crossroads"
Sam 'Sammy' Kamin in "My Giant"
Warner Huntington III in "Legally Blonde"
Gail in "Camp Nowhere"
Miracle Max in "The Princess Bride"
Kayla in "Carpool"
Maureen Cummings in "Center Stage"
Margo Masse in "Fear"
Paul Hood in "The Ice Storm"
Dawn Wiener in "Welcome to the Doll House"
Cliff Pantone in "Bring it On"
Ray Zalinsky in "Tommy Boy"