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Disney Movies

I'll give you a list of characters from a Disney movie and you pick which movie they're from.

Quiz created by: Movie Lover

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Click and drag the items from the right column to the grey middle column.

Mary, Bert, Jane, Michael, Mr. Dawes, Uncle Albert
Todd, Copper, Chief, Amos, Vixie
Sebastian, Flounder, Ariel, Ursula
Belle, Lumiere, Gaston, Chip
Doc, Grumpy, Dopey
Figaroo, Honest John, Gepetto
Flower, Thumper, Faline
Timothy, Casey Jr., Mr. Stork
Uncle Remus, Johnny, Ginny, Brer Rabbit
Gus, Jaques, Anastasia, Drizella
Jim, Dr. Livesey, Ben Gunn, Israel Hands
Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Dinah,
Wendy, Tiger Lily, Mr. Smee, Mr. Darling
Captain Nemo, Ned Land, Billy
Briar Rose, Prince Phillip, Flora
Patch, Lucky, Jasper, Anita, Sgt. Tibbs
Archimedes, Merlin, Arthur
King Louie, Kaa, Shere Khan, Baloo
Zazu, Scar, Nala, Simba
Thomas, John, Wiggins, Nakoma
101 Dalmatians
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Little Mermaid
The Sword in the Stone
Beauty and the Beast
Mary Poppins
The Jungle Book
Treasure Island
Peter Pan
Sleeping Beauty
Song of the South
Alice in Wonderland
The Lion King
The Fox and the Hound