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Nine Inch Nails

Quiz like a hole... hint sheet is available if you're stumped.

1. The reversed N in the short NIN logo is said to be inspired by what album?
This album is a "Once in a Lifetime" experience.
2. What is the name of the numbering system for official Nine Inch Nails albums?
It's an angelic sounding name
3. What record label originally released "Pretty Hate Machine" and was no longer in business in 2005?
The first two of the letters in the name, make you think of a visual medium
4. When the Broken EP was reissued with all it's tracks on one CD (instead of two seperate discs), how many tracks were on it?
It's lot more tracks than there are songs
5. Who sang a duet version of Hurt with Trent Reznor on the Outside tour?
Not looking for the person who later recorded it in 2003

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